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How you can tell...
If your child is being bullied?
If your child is a bully?

If your child is being bullied
How does being bullied feel?

If your child is a bully
Why some children bully?

How you can prevent bullying

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how to address it at:
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How you can tell...

If your child is being bullied?

Children being bullied can have the following characteristics:

  • Unwilling to go to school.

  • Unwilling to discuss his/her school life.

  • School work and academic results are worse than before.

  • Coming home with wounds and torn clothes.

  • Moody and does not have much interest in leisure and entertainment.

  • Nightmares or even insomnia.

  • Often locks him/herself in the bedroom for a long time.

  • Often claims to have 'lost' personal belongings such as theirstationery, watch, or even money.

  • Requests parents to accompany him/her to and from school.

  • Becoming increasingly bad-tempered.

  • Waiting to get home to use the toilet.

  • Has difficulty making friends.

  • Becomes nervous when another child comes near.


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